Listed below are a few of the projects we've mangaged : Website, Social, Content, Strategy, & Management.

The Soap by Limited Essentials

The Soap by Limited Essentials

Limited Essentials

Limited Essentials is a small shop that offers fine products at scale. Limited Essentials values simplicity and purpose - they express those values by labeling their products exactly what they are.  Their apparel and home-goods are designed and advertised with critical attention to detail. 

Our team at Rose Capital Media built and continues to manage Limited Essentials' Website - All Creative Content (images and graphics), Branding, Marketing, and Strategy.  

Open Face Poblano at Lago Del Pino

Open Face Poblano at Lago Del Pino

Lago Del Pino

Lago del Pino is a Desination Restaurant in East Texas with an award winning patio atmosphere on a gorgeous private lake. Lago hosts live music every weekend as well as an annual music festival you've probably heard of or attended called Lagopalooza. 

Our team built and manages Lago's mobile friendly website as well as a few of their social media accounts.  

Brand Content for Trey Dillon

Brand Content for Trey Dillon

Trey Dillon

Trey Dillon is the Founder and Operator of Rose Capital Media. Dillon has many years of experience growing and promoting his own brand as an Entrepreneur and International Wedding Photographer which is a very tangible qualifier for what he now offers to other emerging companies.  

Dillon's creative works continue to represent and support brands all over the world. 

Logo Design for Boost My Candidate

Logo Design for Boost My Candidate

Boost my Candidate

Boost My Candidate is a platform that creates third-party social media ads for presidential candidates in which supporters can donate and deliver their chosen Candidate’s AD to a larger audience. The platform provides Donation Transparency by publishing the amounts raised and audience size for each candidate’s ad on daily basis.

Boost My Candidate is currently in beta/

Rose Capital Media created their Logo, Branding, and Website…


Iceland Adventures by Trey Dillon - Music by Mutemath

The Coffee by Limited Essentials - Product Film

the list goes on...

Other marketing, consulting, & content collarborations -  Hotel Saint George (Marfa), Elle Magazine, Magnolia Rouge, Bulliet Whiskey, East Texas Leather Repair, Strada Caffe, Proper Cloth, Daniel Wellington, & Many Many More